Call Center Agent – Logging in

When using your call center supervisor credentials, you will be presented with the call center supervisor view. It is expected that the call center agent will login to the portal to gain access to the call center agent view.

From this view, they can “go online” and make themselves available to receive inbound voice calls from current and prospective customers.


Step 1: In your Internet browser, go to to login using your credentials

Step 2: Enter the Call Center Agent Login Name and Password. Click Login to access the portal which will present the Call Center Agent View as noted below.

The Call Center screen reflects the call center agent view based on the login credentials. The above screen shows the call center agent logged in. The ‘Recent Call History’ tab reflects the most recent calls. The ‘My Queues’ tab reflects the call queues that the agent is assigned to along with the other relevant details as noted above.

The ‘My Statistics’ tab provides instructive information to the call center agent related to the call activity and potential call productivity over a particular time period. These statistics can inform the call center agent such that they can be prompted to adjust their call handling dynamics to better serve the callers and help achieve the performance expectations for the call center.


Call Center Agent – Agent View Status Options

The screen on the next page reflects the various states that the call center agent can have which include the online state and the offline state to include reasons for being offline. It is expected that the primary call state for the call center agent will be online because they are able to receive and handle calls which is the primary mandate of the call center. It is also possible for the call center agent to login and logout of a particular queue as oppose to all the queues that they are assigned to. The key call center agents features and functionality include: