Click to Call User Guide

This article will guide you on how to download the MonsterVoip Chrome extension and it's functions.

Click2Call or Click 2 Call, is a feature that allows you to click on any phone numbers posted on the website you visit.
Note: This works on Google Chrome Browser.

1. Go to the or to download the Click2Call Browser extension (Monster UC).

2. Follow the installation instructions.



Note: You will know when the install is successful if you see the MonsterVoip icon on the top right corner of your Chrome Browser “just right next to the address bar”. Otherwise, you may need to reload your browser.

3. Navigate through any websites with phone numbers displayed on their page. This will allow the app to detect phone numbers, and for you to be able to login. Say... you want to call MonsterVoip support.

4. Once you are on the MonsterVoip page, click the Icon and key in your login username and password.


5. After you’ve successfully logged in, click on the icon once and go to settings.

6. Enable Click to call, Screen pops, Logo click to call. You may leave the rest of the options disabled, and you should be good to go.

To Dial a number, open a certain website you want to visit. This example shows the MonsterVoip website.

Note: Every phone number displayed on the page will have the MonsterVoip icon. This is a indication that the MonsterVoip UC extension is working.

1.) Click on the icon next to the number you want to dial. (This will trigger your phone to ring).

2. On your phone, all you have to do is accept the call and it should start dialing the number you want to reach.