This articles provides instruction on how to send a message through the email software you are using.

eFax service makes it easier to send and receive fax messages through email no matter where you are. All you need are access to the internet, and a device such as laptop, tablet, or even a phone to receive the fax. This way, you no longer need a Fax machine next you, and no need for printing.

If you already have a dedicated Fax number, the following steps below will guide you on how to send a Fax through your Email Client (Ex, Gmail, Outlook, etc.):

**Please note that any PBX user can send fax from the email account that is on their PBX profile***

  1. Open your Email Client
  2. Click to send a new email. In the TO: section you, key in the 11 digit number@fax.monstervoip.com (eg: 14246450741@fax.monstervoip.com )
  3. Attach the file you want to send as fax
  4. Click send. A conformation email will be sent to you. The message will tell you either the Fax was sent successful or has failed.

Note: You can attach multiple files in your email to fax. The files will be combined into a single PDF document, based on an alphabetical file name sorting. In this regard, your cover letter should have a name like “1CoverSheet.doc” to ensure its sorted first, followed by other attached documents.