How to create an AutoAttendant(IVR)

This article discussed how to setup an Auto Attendant

1.) Login to your PBX Portal and go to the Auto Attendants tab.

2.) Click the Add Attendant button. Fill out the Name, Extension, Time Frame for your Auto Attendant.

3.) Record or Upload a Company Greeting(Optional)

4.) Record or Upload the Menu Options

4.a) Upload a file saved from your computer.

4.b) Record live by calling an extension, or a phone number. Once the call started, instructions will be provided.

5.) Configure Options. In this example, we are pointing option 1 to an Extension.

Note: You can point an option to reach an Extension, Call Queues, Voicemail and even to an external phone number.

Note: Click on the dial pad option and click on Remove if you want to delete the entry you created.