How to setup a Ring Group (aka Hunt Group)

This article will provide Setup information about a Ring Group

A Hunt Group or Ring Group refers to a method for distributing phone calls from a single DID to a group of several extensions and or external (off-net) numbers.

Note: Simultaneous Ring limit is up 22 devices

To configure a Hunt Group, you have to a Call Queue. For the purpose of this example, we will assume that we wish to distribute calls to several members of a company's Sales Queue.

1.) Create your Call Queue.

2.) Set you your forwarding rule and point to an Extension or an external phone number if not and call was not answered before the call entered a queue, or while on queue.

2.) Click the Edit Agent option.

3.) Add all the User's phone extensions you wish to be part of the Ring Group.

4.) Click Done and your Ring Group is all set.