PBX Portal - Time Frames

This article will discuss about the PBX Time Frame feature.

TIME FRAMES - are a set period of time which covers when you want certain events to occur such as our phone terrain. We create time frames with different time and date ranges so we can apply them to our answering rules which will then allow you to control how calls are routed, depending on the time of day the call occurs.

To view and create your time frame, click on the time frame icon on the top navigation menu bar in the manager portal. To create a timeframe, click on the add time frame button. You will see the field to name the time frame.

NOTE: The name cannot be changed once the rule has been created.


Under the name field, you will see three options for when the time frame should be in effect.

  • Always - will make this rule always in effect 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Days of the week and time - allow you select specific days of the week and hours on those days you want the time frame to take effect.
    • Select the days you’d like the time frame to take effect. When you select the day, a blue bar appears. This is when the time frame will be in effect.
    • If you would like the time frame to be in effect from XX AM to XX PM, simply slide the end of the blue bar to the co-relating time spot.
    • If you would like a break in the middle of a time frame rule, click the plus next to the 11:59 PM. You will see another blue bar appear representing when the time frame will take effect.
    • If you would like to add an hour of lunch break, from noon to 1 PM, simply slide the blue bar after selecting the days and configuring when you would like timeframe to take effect. 
  • Selecting specific dates or ranges - will allow you to configure a timeframe to be in effect for specific dates.
    • Then select the end date you would like the time frame to stop. Clicking the plus sign will allow you to add more date ranges to the time frame to be in effect.
    • You can change the time frame and time by clicking on the edit icon next to it. To remove the time frame, simply click the delete icon next to it. Once you have created time frame, you can then apply them to your answering rules.
    • If a call comes in when the time frame is in effect, the answering rule will route the call accordingly. Otherwise, if the call comes in outside when the time frame is in effect, it will continue down the list of answering rules until it does find an answering rule with the time frame currently in effect.