Missing "Missed Calls" in Call History (Yealink)

This article tells how to resolve missing "missed calls" log for yealink phones

Note: If you can't find some options in the steps below, please reach out to Monster VoIP support team.


  • Office Manager Role


  1. Login to your Monster VoIP PBX portal.
  2. Go to Inventory and select Phone Hardware.
  3. Select the phone that you want to configure by clicking it's MAC Address.

  4. Inside the phone builder, review the current configuration of the phone first.

  5. In the phone's config file look for "account.1.missed_calllog", if the value is set to '0', this means missed call logging is disabled.
  6. Go back to "Phone Hardware" and this time click the pencil icon on the right side of said phone.
  7. Go to "Advanced" and add account.1.missed_calllog="1" inside the override box. Save and Resync afterwards.