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Monster VoIP Desktop App (Windows)

Steps on How to download and Install MonsterVoIP Desktop App.


 1. To download, go to https://monstervoip.com/downloads. Select the appropriate Operating System. Click on your selection to start downloading. 

2. Install the desktop app. Once done, click on "Settings" and enter your "Username" and "Password". Also, you have available options for your preference. Click on "Sign In".

Note: Sign in using the same credentials on the PBX Portal. 

Desktop App Sections


1. Answering Rules Settings - Shows options for: Answering rule, Greetings, and Ring Tone settings.

2. Contacts, Voicemail, Call History, and Message (IM/SMS)

  • Contacts - A full list of internal company contacts is available on the Desktop App.

    note: To call a contact you can double click the user's name, or click the user's name and then click the phone icon.
  • Voicemail - When you click on a message, further details are shown:

    1. If the user leaves a message and Transcription is enabled, the transcription will show up 2. 2. under the user's name.
    3. Play the Message
    4. Call Back
    5. Save Message
    6. Forward Message
    7. Delete
  • Call History - A full Call History is available on the Web Phone.
    1. Caller ID
    2. Call Status (Outgoing, Incoming, Missed)
    3. Elapsed Time Since Call
    4. Call Duration
  • Message - To start a new chat:

    1. Click the Pencil Icon (may be hidden behind "+" icon)
    2. Click User's Name or Enter Number with whom you would like to chat

3. Dial Pad - Brings the dial pad and new conversation option

4. Refresh and Sign in options

5. App Menu - Brings the option to: Snooze, Enable DND, Disable DND, and App Settings

6. Contacts options - Options for Search, Filter, or Add a new Contact