Monster VoIP SIP ALG Tester

This article tells how to use the SIP ALG Tester

Sometimes it can be challenging to detect if a client's network has SIP ALG enabled. SIP ALG is usually the main reason why they experience the following issues below:

  • One-way Audio
  • BLFs not illuminating
  • Missing Parked Calls

Monster VoIP has it's own tool to detect if SIP ALG is enabled on your network without accessing the router/network firewall.


  • Windows Computer
  1. Download the file in this link to your computer.
  2. If you see the message "... is not commonly downloaded and maybe dangerous.", click the up arrow and select "keep".
  3. Double click the "Monster_VoIP_SIP_....exe".
  4. When you the message below, please click "more info", then "run anyway".

  5. When the SIP ALG Detector is opened, make sure your local network is selected and click start test.

  6. Test result should all return in Pass, otherwise SIP ALG is still enabled on your network.