PBX Portal - Call History

This article is about the Call History feature.

CALL HISTORY - is the list of all the calls made to and from your organization. To navigate to the call history, click the call history icon in the manager portal navigation options. Here you will see all the calls made to and from your organization within the specified date range. Clicking the filter button will allow you to change the date range and the calls displayed. You can filter for calls on a specific UserCaller NumberDialed Number, or Call Type.

  • You can export the call history to a CSV file by clicking the export button. You can also configure a scheduled export to be sent by clicking on the schedule export button.

  • Click the new export button to configure a new call history export. On the schedule export page you will see the field to name the scheduled export.
  • The types of export:
    • Monthly – will let you select the day of the month that the report is sent.
    • Weekly – will let you select the day of the week and the time to start the scheduled export.
    • Daily – will allow you to select the time you want the export to start. 
    • Custom – will allow you to set the period of time you want to capture, the time you would like the export to start, the time zone you want the export calls to be in, then allow you to configure if you like the export to repeat and to what interval to repeat.
  • The "Also run this export immediately" will send an export as soon as the scheduled export has been created. The email notification option will send a notification to the email address entered.
  • The "After completion" option allow you to select what to do with the call history export.
    • Do nothing will keep a copy locally on the manager portal
    • Email attachment will email the CSV file to the specified email address below.
    • Upload via FTP and SFTP will ask you for the server’s credentials and the remote path of the CSV file should be sent to.

  • The options tab will allow you to filter for just a specific extension. Select if you want the export to include inbound calls, outbound calls, headers, or filter for off net calls only.
  • After the schedule export has been created, you can edit any of the options by clicking the edit icon. You can also download the scheduled export or delete.
  • If call recording has been enabled in your profile, device, or if the call is from a queue configured to be recorded, you can download the call. If you’d like to listen to the call without downloading, click the listen icon.