PBX Portal - Conferences

How to use the PBX Conference feature

CONFERENCES - allows you to manage your organization’s conference bridges. It is used to make conference calls, a telephone call in which someone talks to several people at the same time. It may be designed to allow the call party to participate during the call or the call may be set up so that the call party merely listens to the call and cannot speak. 

  • By clicking the “Add Conference” button, you can fill out the field on the new conference bridge window.

  • The Dedicated conference bridge option creates a conference bridge that you and other office manager will be able to modify. 
  • The Owned conference bridge option creates a conference bridge that the owner of the conference bridge can modify. 
    1. The system will ask you for the extension of the owner. 
    2. The direct dial is what you will dial to reach the users conference bridge directly. 
    3. If you have an available phone number, you can assign it to the conference bridge by selecting it from the dropdown. 
      • If you cannot see any phone numbers, that means there are no available phone numbers and one must be added to the inventory by your administrator or you can select a number already pointing to another destination and reconfigure it to point to the conference bridge.
    4. The Leader Pin is what people, who will be administering the conference bridge enter when they join the conference bridge.
      • Leaders are able to enter star codes to manipulate the behaviour of your conference bridge.
    5. The Participant Pin is what people enter when you want them to join without any elevated privileges and can only be able to listen and speak when unmuted.
    6. Minimum participants to start will keep the music on hold playing until that number of participants have joined the conference bridge.
      • The Options below let you control the user’s experience when a party joins a conference bridge.
        • Require a leader to start will keep the music on hold playing for all parties until someone joins the conference bridge that has entered the leader pin.
        • Prompt all participants for their name will ask the user to record their name and play the recording to the people already on the conference bridge when joining.
        • Announce participant arrivals/departures will play the recording of users name when people enter or exit the conference bridge.
  • After the conference bridge has been created, you will see the option to run reports.
    1. Edit the conference bridge which would allow you to change any of the option selected when creating it except the extension number

And you will see the option to delete the conference bridge.