PBX Portal - Music On Hold

This article talks about the MoH feature.

MUSIC ON HOLD - is what callers hear when their call is placed on hold or waiting in the queue to be answered. Music on hold can be applied to a specific userspecific call queues, or the entire organization. This is the music that is played if the user places the caller on hold or the call queue that the call is waiting in does not have any music uploaded to their specific account.

  1. Clicking the add music button will allow you to upload music that the entire organization can use.
  2. The file must be in an .mp3 or .wav format.
  3. Click the browse button and locate the file on your computer. Name the file and then click the upload button. After the file has been uploaded, you can drag and drop the songs in the order you’d like them to play.
  4. Songs are played in a top to bottom order unless the organization has randomized music on hold enabled. The setting icon will allow you to randomize the order of the music on hold, or have an introductory greeting play. A message that is played before the music on hold. Also, it allows you to upload voice recording that can be used for marketing messages while the caller is on hold.