PBX Portal - User Roles

Definition of each user roles available in MonsterVoIP PBX Portal

The MonsterVoIP PBX Portal gives customers access to the system to manage their personal account settings and or the company settings. Through your MonsterVoIP PBX Portal you will determine whether a user has access to the PBX Portal and if given, what user scope is defined.

There are 4 different User Scopes:

1. Office Manager / IT - Will be able to make changes with Users, Conference, Auto Attendants, Time Frames, Call Queues, and MOH.
2. Basic User - Will only able to make changes with their own answering rules, personal time frames, contacts, and MOH.
3. Simple User - Will only have READ ONLY access even to their personal settings.
4. No Portal Access - Doesn't have access to the portal. 

MonsterVoIP also offers specialized user roles for CallCenter Setup:
NOTE: These roles are add-on services.

1. Call Center Supervisor - This role allows the supervisor to move agents into or out of different queues, as well as adding statics on the fly to current call flow. Reports are also available to the supervisor.
2. Call Center Agent - This view shows the call queue they are part of, how many callers are still waiting, as well as other options similar to the Simple User role.