PBX Portal - Users

This article talks about the PBX Portal USER Menu

On the PBX Portal, the USER page is where we can manage users in the domain. This is where we can modify existing users by clicking on the name link or the pencil icon on the right.

After the user has been created, You can edit their profile information by clicking on the username or the edit icon.

You will see more options to configure the user. You can set their answering rules to control what devices ring, how long they ring for, and what to do with calls that go unanswered.

You can configure their voicemail options and add a new phone to the users account by clicking on the “Add a Phone” on the phones tab. You can also edit or delete and existing phone.

The Advanced option allows you to reset the user, send a welcome email with the link to configure their password and voicemail pin.

Force reset allows you to change the user’s password.