Sending fax via WebPortal

This article provides steps on how to send a fax message through the Web portal.

  1. Go to "". Key in the email registered on your PBX portal together with your password. You can also use "Forgot Password" to receive a password reset link in case you forgot your password.
  2. Once logged in, you will be routed to the page where you can then send a fax message. Put in the fax number. Toggling the "Include Cover Page" provides more information to be included on the fax message. You can drop your attachments or browse from your computer by clicking on the attachment option. Once done, press "Send". A notification email will then be received if the fax has been successfully sent or not.
  3. The "History" option shows all the inbound and outbound fax messages sent out together with their corresponding status.
  4. The "Cover Pages" option shows all the different cover pages you can choose from. Click on the Kebab Menu to select your desired cover page.