Setting up your Voicemail Messages

This article will show you several ways of setting up your voicemail messages.

1. Once logged in to the PBX portal, click on the Users button.

2. Click on the name link or the pencil icon (edit) to the right. Then click on the Voicemail subtab. 

3. Scroll down to the Greetings section and click on the speaker icon(Manage). Then click on Add Greeting.

4. From here, you have 3 options to add a voicemail. 

  • Text-to-Speech - Allows you to type your message and then select a voice that you'd like to read the message for you.
  • Upload - Allows you to upload an existing file from your computer on a .WAV or .MP3 format.

  • Record - By putting your extension or personal phone number, the system will then call you and prompt to start recording your message. 

5. You can add  as many greetings as needed and switch from one to the other depending on which greeting applies.